Information Technology Applications in the Maritime Industry

Ships have undergone many advancements in terms of design, materials, propulsion, and navigation systems. From the first ships that used muscle and wind power, to modern-day vessels that have efficient fuel and electrical systems; from wooden ships, to modern vessels made of steel and composite materials; from using star maps and astrolabes, to using GPS and computerized maps, shipping has…


Damen Unveils Next Generation Water Bus

First composite vessel set to launch.  Damen is set to launch its first composite urban water shuttle as the prototype undergoes sea trials in the next few weeks. Customers benefit from reduced fuel consumption, less maintenance, no corrosion or fatigue problems, and at the same time, the Damen Waterbus is very robust.  Besides safety and efficiency, the new Damen Waterbus…

Philippine Coast Guard conducting Board and Search.

Maritime Law Enforcement in the Philippines

Maritime law enforcement maybe broadly defined as the coordinated efforts by government enforcement agencies to prevent, detect and suppress violations of maritime laws and their concomitant rules and regulations. This definition intentionally excludes the other pillars of law enforcement such as the court, rehabilitation centers and the community and focuses on the people duly authorized to enforce the law in…


Damen Guided-Missile Frigates for the Indonesian Navy

The first of two SIGMA Class 10514 Perusak Kawal Rudal (PKR) guided-missile frigates to be built for the Indonesian Navy successfully completed its sea trials last September.  The assessment phase began with seven days of basin trials to ensure that the propulsion and safety systems were fully operational before the vessel made the challenging passage from the PT PAL (Persero)…

Personnel from USMC and Royal Brunei Armed Forces engaged during CARAT.  Photo courtesy of US Navy.  Photo by Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class Micah P. Blechner.

US Navy and Brunei Armed Forces conduct CARAT 2016

Task Force 73 commander rear admiral Don Gabrielson said: “The United States deeply values our relationship with Brunei, centered on a defense partnership that underpins our shared commitment to the peace and security of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.”

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Underscoring Waterfront Infrastructure Development Needs

In 2010, I wrote a 4-part series in 4 issues of this magazine entitled “Extended Waterfront Development Needed”, highlighting my own vision of government inability to develop infrastructure to address transport, commercial and tourism needs in the coastal areas. I started dabbling on these after President Fidel V Ramos approved the 25-year rolling master plan that we at PPA proposed…


The Maritime League at 25

The Maritime League, the Philippine maritime foundation, was established in 1991 to address the need for an organization which will help spur progress in the maritime profession and advance the interest of the maritime industry. How did it start? I asked its Founding Chairman and President, Commo Carlos L Agustin, and this is what he said: “It was ‘spawned’ at…


Technical Observation on Sea-Keeping Performance of SSV Tarlac

INTRODUCTION The Objectives of this Technical Evaluation Briefing is to mitigate the technical risk on the suspected poor sea-keeping performance of SSV TARLAC as manifested in the photograph of said vessel while enroute to the Philippines. Suspected Patent Defects and Design Flaw need to be corrected (once proven that it exists).  If said deficiencies is present, the operation and maintenance…