the National Law Enforcement Sub-Committee on Intelligence Coordination awards a Certificate of Commendation to PPMAJ DANTE V. DACANAY, officiaI representative of the Philippine Ports Authority to the Committee, for successfully leading ISAS and a group of concerned government agents that resulted in the capture of eight (8) MILF members, two (2) of whom are Commanders and all are said to be explosive experts then hiding at Isla Puting Bato, North Harbor, Tondo, Manila.

Recovered from the group were eight (8) assorted high-powered firearms and nineteen (19) pieces of UXO 76mm projectile vintage bombs for the manufacture of Improvised Explosive Devices (lED) to be used in a said planned bombing operation that will include the seaports as among their targets.

Asst. Director General Eric F. Gosiengfiao of NICN Chairman of the National Law Enforcement Sub-Committee on Intelligence Coordination cited in his commendation, “We are therefore privileged to commend you for a job well done. It is our hope that you will continue to display the same degree of dedication and enthusiasm to the service that has made you a valuable asset to this Sub-Committee in particular and to the law enforcement pillar in general”.

The Commendation was given during the 4th regular meeting of the Intelligence body which were attended by representatives of 42 government agencies which include the NICA, ATIF, PAOCC J2, AM LAC PCTC TSAFP, PNP-DL, NBI and PSG among others.