MARINA turns 41

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) recently celebrated its 41st founding anniversary on June 1, 2015 with simple and modest activities at its central office in Manila, and in all its regional offices.

Marina Building Ground Breaking

Administrator Dr. Maximo Q. Mejia, Jr. (PhD) who was on an overseas maritime conference, earlier sent words of thanks to industry stakeholders who have been a big help to MARINA in pursuing its mandate, that is ‘integrating the development, promotion and regulations in the country ‘s maritime industry’, said Dr. Mejia’s media relations officer Eulogio ‘Yul’ Malicse.

According to Malicse, lined up as anniversary activities at MARINA’s central office at Parkview Plaza along Taft ave. corner Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila are, in early morning a holy mass and flag raising ceremony, opening of exhibits of participating MARINA offices in Parkview Plaza grounds; at noon, a ‘boodle fight’ to be joined in by Filipino seafarers and stakeholders, followed by a lunch for MARINA officials, employees and guest; After lunch, a raffle for MARINA personnel, seafarers and their guests will be held. Down early evening there will be a dinner for stakeholders and guests, followed by a socialization and ‘anniversary party’.

In implementing MARINA’s mandate,Dr. Mejia is ably assisted by his three deputies-Atty. Gloria J. Victoria-Bañas (Operations), Atty. Nicasio Conti Planning) and Capt. Herminio Estaniel, Jr. (Regional Concerns), as well as service and regional directors, and personal staff of well rounded education and management experience.

Adopted from last year’s anniversary, MARINA continues to carry the theme, “Maritime Philippines: We Move the World”.Explaining briefly, Malicse said MARINA was created on June 1, 1974 by virtue of Presidential Decree (PD) 474 for the ‘promotion, regulation and supervision of the country’s maritime industry’. As years passed by, other laws and regulations were enacted and issued to make MARINA functions firmer and responsive to call of time.

After PD 474, came ay Executive Order (EO) 546 ng 1979, EO 1011 (1985), EO 125 (January 1987) and EO 125-A (Abril 1987), Republic Act (RA) 9295 (2004),, EO 75 of 2012 at and the latest, the RA 10635 (2014),that is helping MARINA take a big leap in carrying out its mandate.

RA 10635, signed by President Benigno S. Aquino III into law on March 13, 2014, declared and mandated MARINA as the sole maritime administration to implement and en force the 1978 International Convention on Standards o f Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) for Seafarers as amended. This international l instrument which saw remarkable amendments in Manila, Philippines in 2010, prescribes the requirements for maritime professionals, that include deck and engine officers, rating and other service providers such officers, managers, operation officers and staff of gaming and entertainment departments of international cruise ships, medical and nursing staff, among others.

The Philippines, a maritime and an archipelagic country is right at the crossroad of the Asia-Pacific region. It is currently positioning to be the hub of ship building and and ship repair (SBSR) in Asia. It has currently around 113 active shipyards, seven are categorized as large, 12 medium, and 94 are small, all located in strategic locations across the country. During the present MARINA leadership and for the first time in the history of the country’s maritime industry, shipyards have organized themselves in one national organization, known as the Shipyards Association of the Philippines (SHAP).

The prime objective is for the shipyards to have a common voice in representing the shipyards before the government and other maritime stakeholders, including foreign-based.