Indonesian Firm picks Catamaran Design

IMC catamaran design off Nusa Lembongan Photo Credit: IMC

Indonesia’s largest marine tourism operator, Bali Hai Cruises, has awarded a contract to International Maritime Consultants (IMC) for the design of its next generation day-cruise catamarans.

Bali Hai Cruises was established in 1990. It provides a wide variety of tourism experiences based out of Benoa Harbour in southern Bali. These include day cruises, a water activities pontoon off Nusa Lembongan Island, day sailing trips, ocean rafting trips on high-speed rigid inflatables, and evening dinner cruises.

Bali Hai Cruises also operates the Hai Tide Beach Resort located on Nusa Lembongan Island, one of three small islands lying southeast of Bali. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, white sand beaches and low limestone cliffs, great for scuba diving and surfing.

While working closely with Bali Hai Cruises, IMC developed a tailored design that successfully supports the cruise operator’s broad range of operations.

Eric Haun, web editor of, reports that with the increased 400-passenger capacity and the contemporary tropical interior design, IMC’s new 40-meter aluminum catamaran design provides an advancement from the 36-meter, 315-passenger capacity of the Bali Hai II luxury catamaran that Bali Hai Cruises has been operating for over 20 years.

Haun expounds that a key feature of the catamaran’s design is the use of a diesel and electric propulsion system, which will provide a 25-knot cruise speed to the pontoon, as well as low noise and low emissions when operating in an all-electric mode during the evening dinner cruise. To provide these environmental and operational benefits, IMC, a Western Australian naval architecture consultancy is leveraging its experience with hybrid propulsion gained through the design of advanced offshore support vessels. reports that under the terms of the deal, IMC will provide a fully functional design for the new vessel as well as assist the cruise operator, Bali Hai Cruises, in selecting a shipyard to undertake the construction works of the catamaran.

Dick Chandler, Bali Hai Cruises Managing Director, is quoted by saying, “A foundation of our success has been bespoke quality vessels, maintained to the highest standards.” He further stated, “This new project reflects both our confidence in Bali’s tourism industry and our intention to consolidate our leading market position through the introduction of another world-class vessel.

Justin McPherson, IMC’s Managing Director and naval architect, is quoted by IMC’s website saying, “To be entrusted with the design of a new aluminium passenger catamaran by Bali Hai Cruises, which has been operating similar craft so successfully, and for so long, is a great honor.”

IMC is an independent consultancy providing comprehensive naval architecture, marine engineering and project management services to the global marine, maritime and offshore industries. IMC’s flexible, customer-centric approach combines innovative thinking, with skillful engineering backed by deep and broad experience gained since its formation in 1994. IMC was founded in 1994 and is based in Fremantle, Western Australia. IMC was founded on establishing long-term relationships with its clients enabling IMC to draw upon historical knowledge of specific projects and operations in order to provide optimal solutions.

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