Expanding Military Budget Prompts Philippines Defense Procurement Event

Upcoming presidential elections in Philippines and a 9.2% increase in the country’s defense budget sees National Coast Watch Council Secretariat, Office Of The President partnering with IQPC Asia to host the inaugural Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance Philippines in June 2016.In conjunction with the Philippine Government and the National Coast Watch Council Secretariat (NCWCS), IQPC Asia will be hosting the inaugural Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance Philippines conference on the 9-10 June 2016 at The Manila Hotel, Philippines.

The conference will follow on from the presidential elections taking place in May, where senior government officials, political decision makers, and organizational heads from the Philippines and Southeast Asia will gather to discuss the current challenges and strategies to enhance maritime security and surveillance in the region.

In an official letter of agreement signed by Undersecretary Jose Luis M. Alano, the conference welcomes international and regional Navies, Coast Guards and maritime government organizations to the event. Set to deliver over 200 delegates, the Undersecretary underscored the importance of the timing of the event that will showcase the operational and technological requirements of various organizations in the Philippines.

Issues including maritime security, illegal immigration, the smuggling of illicit goods and arms, piracy, human trafficking, anti-terrorism, illegal fishing, and border protection are expected to dominate the agenda of the two-day conference.

“Given the opportunity to collaborate with the prestigious NCWCS, this conference acts as an ideal regional platform for Navies, Coast Guards, Air Force, and all government defense bodies to engage in constructive dialogue over all pressing concerns in the changing maritime security environment. We’re looking forward to positive discussions from all defense bodies on their technology requirements as they make procurement decisions at the event,” adds Maya Sivamany, Head of the Defense and Government Portfolio at IQPC Asia.

“Enhancing Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance in The Philippines and the APAC Region through the Effective Use of Surveillance and Cutting- Edge Technologies” is the theme of the conference, and will allow local government organizations including the Philippine Navy, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Air Force, NAMRIA, Department of Transport and Communications, Department of National Defense, Bureau of Fisheries, and more to highlight and search for the latest technological solutions to meet operational requirements.

In addition, the conference will feature VIP one-to-one meetings and bilateral visits between Philippine, regional government organizations, and key industry players in a bid to promote inter-agency cooperation and enhanced networking opportunities.

Surveillance Philippines 2016 is now open at: www. maritimesecurityphilippines.com

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