Concept of Extraterritoriality

Dear Editor,
I am submitting this unique idea that can be considered under the subject of “Concept of extraterritoriality.“
—Atty. Fernando C. Campos

Extraterritoriality is a concept similar to the 2 Separate Administrative Regions of China —the MAINLAND and HONGKONG. It is a unilateral declaration of CHINA as a sovereign State and was accepted by GREAT BRITAIN as a co-equal Sovereign State paving the way for acceptance by the whole UNITED NATIONS.

A unilateral declaration by the Philippines of extraterritoriality in favor of the BIMP/EAGA to put-up the first multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multi-religious Administrative region under the aegis of the UNITED NATIONS. After ratification by the Philippine Senate could become a valid treaty obligation and if ratified by the separate legislatures of the BIMP would then be a genuine separate Administrative Region administered not by any of the four countries but by the UN Specialized Body.

It will not be difficult to visualize the coordination of the new townsites because from its conception to its completion and actual occupancy the 4 participating countries would be involved in a cooperative manner. Being a corporation owned by the 4 participating countries, its administrative organs will be shared by the 4 stockholders but constituted as an Administrative Body under the UN.

In case of breakdown of law and order, unlike in ALEPO where the armies of the 5 warring factions receive orders from their political patrons, the Commanders of the 4 security forces would be under the UN, not under their respective governments, hence, carnage could be avoided.


Atty. FERNANDO C. CAMPOS is an advocate of the BIMP/EAGA integration into townsites development as nucleus of multi-racial, multi-ethnic & multi-religious integration to stop expansion of ISIS.