PRS Supports MARINA with Latest Technology on Probabilistic Damage Stability Calculations

Left to right: Engr. Maria Teresa D. Mamisao, Engr. Edna Dela Cruz, Engr. Rolando Abella, Capt. Alfredo Vidal Jr., Engr. Ramon Hernandez, Engr. Sammuel Lim, Engr. Thaddeus Jovellanos

The Philippine Register of Shipping (PRS) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) last 26-September-2016 with the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, Inc. (SONAME) to further support MARINA in its capacity-building for the full implementation of this important MARINA Circular 2015-08 on Rules and Regulations on Subdivision and Damage Stability Requirements.

In this MOA, the PRS as a duly recognized organization, will be giving free access of its Maxsurf Enterprise Suite software to MARINA, while SONAME will be giving free Maxsurf training to MARINA personnel, and in so doing, our single maritime administration can effectively review and approve all submitted calculations from ship-owners.

Upper left to right: Engr. Danilo Santos, Mr. Vladimer Gaspar, Engr. Edna Dela Cruz, Engr. Maria Teresa D. Mamisao, Engr. Thaddeus Jovellanos, Engr. Jerome Manuel. Lower left to right: Engr. Rolando Abella, Capt. Alfredo Vidal Jr., Engr Sammuel Lim, Engr. Ramon Hernandez

MARINA Circular 2015-08 entitled “Rules and Regulations on Subdivision and Damage Stability Requirements for Philippine-Registered Domestic Ships” outlines the requirements under Resolution MSC.216(82), adopting the regulations on subdivision and damage stability in SOLAS Chapter 11-1 which are based on the probabilistic concept and using the probability of survival as measure of ships’ safety in a damaged condition. Implementation of said Circular requires powerful analytic tools to assist MARINA in reviewing the expected hundreds of submissions for approval of Probabilistic Damage Stability calculations from shipping companies

The Philippine Register of Shipping, Inc. (PRS) is the first and leading Filipino Classification Society established in 1989. PRS is driven by the most competent technical professionals from the Philippine maritime industry and is backed by the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers Inc. (SONAME).

The SONAME is the only professional organization accredited by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) for Filipino naval architects. This group began way back in 1950, rebranded itself in 2007, and this year celebrates its 67th anniversary since inception.

The Maxsurf Enterprise Suite, Bentley’s most comprehensive marine product, provides the Naval Architect with powerful analytical tools, including probabilistic damage stability, advanced motions prediction, and dynamic structural analysis. For passenger vessels and larger ships, the probabilistic damage stability in the Maxsurf’s Stability Enterprise module provides easy-to-use graphical tools for defining and managing hundreds of damage conditions.

Screen capture from Bentley Systems’ Maxsurf Stability software.

To facilitate compliance with the IMO (International Maritime Organization) stability criteria, MAXSURF Enterprise includes a built-in criteria library and graphical tools for defining and viewing damage zones. Maxsurf includes a comprehensive library of stability criteria, as well as the ability for users to define their own criteria. To assist with creating stability booklets, a unique templating system allows you to define the report format using a Microsoft Word template document. The tables, graphs, and images are then automatically sent to the report.