About The League

The Maritime LeagueThe Maritime League, a non-profit Filipino maritime foundation was established in 1990 to address the need for an organization, which will help spur progress in the maritime industry and advance the interest of the maritime profession in the Philippines and the world in general.

The main objective of the Maritime League is to advance the interests of the maritime profession, promote maritime development and safety through better information, cooperation and unity of effort among the stakeholders of the maritime industry. In order to adhere to our objectives, the League developed an extensive medium of information for the maritime sector through various maritime related activities it regularly coordinates.

Membership. Individual members are the biggest asset of the League and are encouraged to develop their full potential as properly learned and motivated and responsible people. Membership is open to any interested person directly or indirectly involved in the maritime profession or industry. The founders of the organization are key civilian leaders of both private and the public sectors in the maritime industry. Former President Fidel V. Ramos is the Chairman Emeritus of the League and the Honorary Chairman is the incumbent Secretary of Transportation and Communications.

Maritime Involvement. As part of its commitment to the maritime industry, the Maritime League institutionalized the Maritime Review magazine as its official publication, the only Filipino maritime journal regularly published in the Philippines since 1993. The magazine is an important medium through which information vital to the maritime activities and businesses, i.e. government policies, projects, plans and programs and developments and technological progress/requirements of the Philippine maritime industry in particular and global transport in general, among others, are properly discussed.

The League also organized the Maritime Breakfast Forum (MBF) series in 1995 as a venue for developing plans and programs to discuss and resolve issues in the maritime industry. The MBF is attended by stakeholders in the maritime sector and resource persons in the government and private agencies involved in maritime concerns. The MBF is regularly held, without fail, every two months and hosted by different agencies and organizations in the maritime industry. Policies and projects presented during the forum are published in the Maritime Review for information and dissemination to the general public.

National Involvement. The Maritime League is an apolitical organization and does not concern itself with national party politics. However, it has the role to inform, enlist the support and make recommendations on matters concerning the maritime profession and industry. As a matter of national involvement, the League coordinates and participates in national fora, to include the legislative, where maritime related subjects are discussed. At the same time, the League works closely with other maritime professional bodies to promote maritime safety.

With the support of all sectors in the maritime industry and most importantly the government, the Maritime League is looking forward to

  • make the Philippines a truly developed maritime power through self reliance in shipbuilding, ship repair and ship engineering;
  • a well-developed National Maritime Registry;
  • a professional Merchant Marine service and a high state of involvement in ship manning;
  • a systematic National Maritime Administration;
  • an active national participation in the ownership of ships;
  • a well-developed National Maritime Laws and Regulation;
  • a single Classification Society for the country;
  • active participation in the management of ship owning and ship operating companies; and
  • enhance the use of systems and infrastructure for global trade and efficient transport of goods and people.

Towards the dissemination of information useful to the maritime profession and industry, we have institutionalized the bi-monthly journal, The Maritime Review, the only regularly published maritime magazine in the Philippines. Occasional papers of maritime interest are likewise distributed from time to time.

The League is also an effective vehicle to promote friendship, unity and cooperation among its members and many players in the various maritime sectors.