Articles by Tomas Baino

Electronic Warfare Spectrum of Surface Combatant Ship

PURPOSE OF THE ARTICLE To relate to the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, local ship designer, or school of naval architecture, two of the elements of Naval Surface Combatant Shipbuilding are the identification and control of the level of signature threshold of the ship in order to reduce vulnerability, and enhance survivability in the modern war at sea….

Technical Observation on Sea-Keeping Performance of SSV Tarlac

INTRODUCTION The Objectives of this Technical Evaluation Briefing is to mitigate the technical risk on the suspected poor sea-keeping performance of SSV TARLAC as manifested in the photograph of said vessel while enroute to the Philippines. Suspected Patent Defects and Design Flaw need to be corrected (once proven that it exists).  If said deficiencies is present, the operation and maintenance…

Submarine Warfare Capability for the Philippine Navy — A Necessity

In 1998, the former Flag Officer In Command of the Philippine Navy, then Vice Admiral Eduardo Ma R Santos AFP, endorsed to the Department of National Defense the concept paper for the development of submarine capability for the Philippine Navy. VADM Santos is the proponent of the nucleus of submarine warfare in the PN. The Department of National Defense acknowledged…