Maritime Safety

Korean Register elects a new Chairman CEO

The Korean Register (KR), an IACS member classification society, has announced that Mr. Lee Jeong-kie has been elected as its new Chairman and CEO.  Mr Lee was elected at the extraordinary meeting of KR’s general assembly that oversees the running of KR and comprises 86 voting members. He assumes the role of Chairman and CEO, following the death of Mr….

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Disaster Risk Management Initiatives

Introduction Living in today’s “uncertainties of boom or bust economies, global climate change, rapid urbanization, technological advancement, and continuing war on poverty or terrorism present a lot of risk necessitating people to prevent the occurrence or mitigate its impact.” However, when there is extreme danger ahead, we must prepare to accept reality and respond accordingly. This has been explained as…

2016 Ferry and Safety Conference

The 2nd Annual Ferry and Safety Conference 2016

The goal of the Worldwide Ferry Safety Association’s (WFSA) has been to identify and disseminate approaches, primarily technology-based, to reduce ferry fatalities. They focus on technology because it is often an impetus for social change. The 1st Ferry Safety and Technology Conference 2015 hosted by WFSA sponsored its annual vessel design competition, commissioned student research, convened a technology-based conference, and…

Shift Lanes To Save The Whales

Every year, about 300 whales feeding near the southern coast of Sri Lanka are hit more than a thousand times by large carriers up to 300 meters long. About 50 of these collisions are likely to be lethal for the rare Pygmy Blue Whales indigenous to Sri Lanka waters. Next year could likely be the “Year of No Return” of…

The West Philippine Sea Situation

My involvement in the Spratlys, South China Sea and West Philippine Sea issue goes back a long way. As a junior  officer, fresh from the Naval Academy, I was part of a secret mission sometime in 1971. I transported troops,weapons, equipment and supplies to the islands we occupied in Freedomland, now called the Kalayaan Island Group.

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Pirate attacks greet the New Year

Somali pirates launched a wave of attacks on shipping over the Christ­mas and New Year period, with the hijack of five ships and attempts on others. Hijacked ships included: The Algerian-owned and flagged Blida was captured 150 nautical miles off Oman on 1 January. The 27 crew include Algerian, Filipino and Ukrainian seafar­ers. The Mozambican-flagged fishing vessel Vega 5 with…