National Affairs

Rearing A Maritime Nation

The presentation of some groups working to promote awareness of the archipelagic and maritime nature of the nation is one of the highlights of the recent Maritime Forum held last month at the National Defense College of the Philippines. This could have been triggered by the developing situations in the South China Sea and Benham Rise in the Philippine Sea….

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Letter to the Editor: A Jury System for the Filipinos

The JURY SYSTEM is a judicial process where a group of ordinary people are called by law to decide serious legal cases brought to court for investigation and trial.  It is a means for the ordinary Filipino to file a case against anyone, rich or poor, who have allegedly done a serious crime to his fellow man. Advantages of the…

Joint Development on the West Philippine Sea

During the China-ASEAN Dialogue between Senior Defense Scholars held at Beijing, China on 11 – 15 March 2008, I presented a paper on Confidence-Building Measures Towards Greater Regional Stability. Military modernization in China was being perceived in a way that caused concern to some countries which fear a repeat of the arms race during the Cold War on one hand…

The Battle of Alapan — Philippine Flag Day

Upon the invitation from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines’ (NHCP) Executive Director Ludovico Badoy, FVR was Guest of Honor and Speaker at the 118th Anniversary of the Battle of Alapan that transpired on 28 May 1898. The commemorative program was held at Dambana ng Pambansang Watawat (Shrine of the National Flag), Heritage Park, Miguel Santo, Alapan, Imus, Cavite. The Battle…

Public Consultation on IRR of RA 9993

Remembering VADM Mariano J. Dumancas, Jr.

The idea of giving credit where credit is due on the separation of the Coast Guard from the Navy came about when I got the suggestion last year that we should award VAdm. Mariano J. Dumancas Jr. (FOIC, PN1990-93) with a citation for exactly agreeing to help achieve that result in 1992. I missed to include that idea in our…

G7 Hiroshima Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

Continuing Uncertainties

Part I: MILITARY DANGERS AND ECONOMIC RISKS “War is the worst option. Peace is the common goal of all mankind…” — Sun Tzu, “The Art of War” Taiwan’s major newspaper, China Post’s headline on 06 April augured bad news for all of mankind because it announced a huge rise in military spending by countries around the world, thus: “Global military spending…

low tech submarine cartoon

The Philippine Navy should start acquiring submarines, no matter how low tech. Is this a good start, or what?

This reminds me that the United States Navy and the US Department of State in the mid-‘60s had great hopes for the Philippine’s future. After Japan, the trios Taiwan, ROK and [ROK] Singapore had started to take off and they thought we would be the next. That was the message I got from them when they gave us a briefing…

Challenges for the Presidential Hopefuls: Contemporary and Strategic

As predicted and highlighted since early January, there is now an emerging confluence of important developments in the Philippines, in the Asia-Pacific region, and also around the world in terms of global security and well-being of Mother Earth’s people. While this series of current and forthcoming events may be seen as serious setbacks to the administration of President Benigno S….