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FAME recognizes JX Ocean Co. Ltd. for contribution to the Ph manning industry

JX Ocean Co. Ltd garners yet another recognition. Fiipino Association for Mariner’s Employment Inc. (FAME), as part of their 40th Anniversary’s Culminating Activity, decided to recognize institutions that have shaped the Shipping Industry through their various contributions. JX was commended for not only their continuous patronage of Filipino Seafarer’s, but also their extra-ordinary contribution and investment on the industry.

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Seafarer Communications lacking at ports – Report

The International Committee on Seafarers’ Welfare (ICSW) has pub­lished a report on seafarer access to communications technology in port, which it claims is “taking a back seat because of high investment costs and ports’ concerns about security.” The Developments in New Technology & Implications for Seafarers’ Welfare report was commissioned by ICSW in order to learn more about how port-wide…

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Seafarers Worldwide to get pay hike by 2012 – IBF

The Philippines’ estimated 380,000 seafarers have much to cheer about as the International Bargaining Forum (IBF), International Trans­port Workers’ Federation (ITF) and Joint Negotiating Group (JNG) have reached the final agreement regard­ing the pay hike of sailors serving in the international merchant marine fleet. The conclusion, which has been hard fought by both sides, resulted in a three-year deal being…

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The new STCW convention: its effect to ship-owners

The STCW convention, mainly addressing the competency and training standards for crew on board mer­chant ships, was amended in Manila, June of 2010 where it received a thorough overhaul. The convention first saw daylight in 1978, and then again in 1995 with the current convention which has been serving its purpose well by aligning training and certification standards across the…

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Tough Challenges face IMEC new team

The International Maritime Employers Cooperation (IMEC), the largest international organization deal­ing exclusively with maritime industrial relations, held its annual general meeting in London following a meeting of the IMEC Board of Directors held on the previous day. During the meeting, many areas of interest to the maritime sec­tor were discussed including piracy, the ongoing International Bargaining Forum negotiations and the…

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MANILA -The 8th Asia Pacific Manning and Training Conference in Manila is turning out to be 6ne of the largest international events to be hosted by the Philippines this year. The event will be attended by more than 300 participants representing over 42 of the biggest international maritime companies from over 22 countries. “An unprecedented number of international companies have…