2016 Ferry and Safety Conference

The 2nd Annual Ferry and Safety Conference 2016

The goal of the Worldwide Ferry Safety Association’s (WFSA) has been to identify and disseminate approaches, primarily technology-based, to reduce ferry fatalities. They focus on technology because it is often an impetus for social change. The 1st Ferry Safety and Technology Conference 2015 hosted by WFSA sponsored its annual vessel design competition, commissioned student research, convened a technology-based conference, and…

Come ride the floating bus … Sakay na!

Vallacar Transit Incorporated (VTI) began as a family-owned and managed business that has grown from a lone 14- seater jeepney business called Ceres Liner plying a single route, to a conglomerate of transportation companies with a combined number of 4,000 transport vehicles nation wide. The company pioneered inter-modal services between Negros, Cebu, Mindanao, Leyte, Panay, and Luzon. It also pioneered inter-modal transport services…

Shift Lanes To Save The Whales

Every year, about 300 whales feeding near the southern coast of Sri Lanka are hit more than a thousand times by large carriers up to 300 meters long. About 50 of these collisions are likely to be lethal for the rare Pygmy Blue Whales indigenous to Sri Lanka waters. Next year could likely be the “Year of No Return” of…

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Ph loses bid for IMO Sec Gen

It was a heartbreaking moment, losing out in a hotly-contested election for Secretary General of the London-based International Maritime Organization (IMO) last June 30, 2015 in London. The drama started in Philippine media when it was reported that Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) administrator Maximo Q Mejia Jr was among six people hoping to become the International Maritime Organization’s next secretary-general….

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Lim Ki-Tack named new IMO SecGen

Lim Ki-tack, president of the Busan Port Authority in South Korea, has been elected the new Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization. Today’s decision was passed down by a secret ballet vote of the 40-member IMO Council, which is holding its 114 session this week. Lim beat out five other candidates from Cyprus, Russia, Philippines, Denmark and Kenya for the…

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PTC chief executive Borromeo replaces Evitt – First Philippine President of lnterManager

Ship management trade association InterManager has joined the ranks of shipping industry organizations that are recognizing Asia’s growing maritime influence and have looked east for leaders. Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. (PTC) Vice-Chairman and CEO Gerardo A. Borromeo was elected as the new President of InterManager, an international trade association for in-house and third party ship managers. Borromeo is the first…

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Koji Sekimizu of Japan is new IMO Secretary General

Mr. Koji Sekimizu of Japan, who is currently Director of IMO’s Maritime Safety Division has been elected as the Secretary- General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), for a 4-year term effective 1 January 2012. Sekimizu edged out five other candidates, including our own Neil Frank Ferrer and the nominees of the Re- public of Korea, Spain, USA and Cyprus….

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Stakeholders presses government to ratify The Maritime Labor Convention of 2006

Stakeholders in the maritime industry has again called on the Philippine government to ratify the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 (MLC 2006) in order that it will be one of the thirty ratifying countries re­quired for the convention to take effect. The campaign for the early ratification MLC2006 is the focus of this year’s celebration of the 16th National Seafarers’…

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Manning Conference is Philippines’ leading international event

A strong blend of respected international speakers, a thought-provoking agenda and the presence of leading industry players is turning the 12th Asia Pacific Manning and Training Conference into one of the most important international conferences to be held in the Philippines this year. The event will bring to Manila more than 350 participants represent­ing 40 of the biggest international maritime…

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The new STCW convention: its effect to ship-owners

The STCW convention, mainly addressing the competency and training standards for crew on board mer­chant ships, was amended in Manila, June of 2010 where it received a thorough overhaul. The convention first saw daylight in 1978, and then again in 1995 with the current convention which has been serving its purpose well by aligning training and certification standards across the…